Give Your Closet a Makeover

Give Your Closet a Makeover

If you get a headache each time you have to find something in your closet, it is time to give it a long overdue makeover. Before you begin to take everything out and start to reorganize, decide what you want your closet to look like and what type of storage systems will work best for your things. Some considerations are what is working in the space now and what isn’t and why isn’t it working. Maybe you don’t have enough room for your dresses because the double hanging bars aren’t spaced out enough or you don’t have room to hang everything in which case a double hanging bar is what you need.

The first step is to start with a list of things that should be in your closet and make an inventory of what storage systems you already have. After step one, make a sketch of what you want your closet to look like when you are done, bring it to the hardware store and find what you will need to supplement what you already have. Some tips for every closet:

* Install a double hanging bar but leave room for long hanging items such as dresses or full length coats.
* Shoe storage, this can take the form of a hanging rack, a shoe tree, or lined-up neatly on the floor.
* Shelves for sweaters that can’t be hung up or small items such as purses or belts.
* Utilize small baskets and boxes for hats or jewelry.
* Install hooks to hang ties or bathrobes on.

A closet that is organized with enough room for the future growth of your wardrobe is a closet that will stay organized. Invest in quality storage solutions that you can add to as your wardrobe or closet grows.


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