Grow your own organic flowers

Grow your own organic flowers

Compost tea is easy to make, pick your compost (stinging nettles, goat/sheep manure or homemade compost) then fill up an old pillowcase with you organic material.
Tie the pillow case and attach a weight, a couple of bricks will do nicely.
Sink this in a large water filled container, cover the container and leave for a couple of days. Hey presto you now have a light liquid feed, you can leave it longer if you need a strong liquid feed, the left overs in the pillowcase can be used as a bedding mulch

If you go fishing or are creating large quantities of good compost you will probably be using lots of worms or maggots, the liquid build up in worm colony containers can be used as a liquid feed, it needs to be diluted though ten parts water to one part worm excrement. This feed is an excellent source of phosphorus and potassium.

The real work of making the new look is dependably a joy to watch. You’ll see your arranging dreams become animated, the maximum capacity of your yard totally and delightfully acknowledged as your yard is changed into an increasingly alluring, decent and practical open air space.

Finishing and planting both spotlight on developing and keeping up lovely, practical outside spaces. These regions may incorporate huge acreages, similar to parks and fairways, or little terrace gardens. In any case, the contrast among finishing and planting is very particular. “Landschap” was first utilized by Dutch craftsmen in the sixteenth century when painting lovely landscape.

You can grow a wide assortment of herbs and vegetables in holders wherever you have an open windowsill, doorstep, porch or gallery. Holder gardens for vegetables and herbs enable you to convey the new tastes of summer to your table to appreciate all through the developing season, regardless of whether you live in an elevated structure.

Forest peonies will in general spread more evenly than they do vertically. They like the rich hummus top soil that will in general be found in the forest and utilize this looser soil to develop evenly. Like all peonies they need great waste and a generally abnormal state of natural issue in the dirt, see changing the dirt above. We prescribe burrowing openings that are 1 foot wide by 8 inches down.

Simple Elegance(R) Roses are simple consideration bushes, however like any plant improve the best possible nourishment. This is particularly valid in the event that you have sandy soil which doesn’t hold supplements or soil that is low in natural issue. One utilization of compost for every season, as the buds show up in spring, is generally enough. You may apply manure by and by late in June, however don’t try too hard in light of the fact that a lot of compost can hurt the roots and anticipate blossom creation. Both inorganic and natural composts convey incredible outcomes.

Organic fertilizers

Bird manure is a super source of nitrogen the catch is that fresh bird manure can burn the roots of your flowers, you need to leave for a couple of months and then mix with hoof and horn, alternatively you can use the bird manure pellets that are now being sold.
This mix is ideal to create strong growth the best time to apply this is in spring or early summer, you will get a gradual release of nitrogen and in turn create strong shoot and leaf growth.

Wood ash is a great source of potassium it can be added directly into your soil or your compost heapBone meal creates very good root growth it is best used as a base dressing prior to planting, good source of phosphate

Propagation of seeds and cuttings

Making an organic potting mix is quite easy and most importantly does not need any additional fertilizer. One of my favorite organic materials is coconut coir sometimes called coconut peat, you can save on watering by as much as 50% if you use this I also find it is far superior to common products like peat moss.

Free draining materials like perlite promote good drainage but also allow precious oxygen to flow to the rootsYou need to add the coconut coir and perlite together in equal measures, this is best done by hand, ensure there are no lumps in the final mix. That’s it you now have a perfect organic potting mix that can be used to propagate seeds and flower cuttings

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