The Next Level in Closet Organization – Shelving

The Next Level in Closet Organization – Shelving

Most closets come equipped with a hanging bar and little else but to organize a closet and keep it that way some shelving is a must have. There are many items that you own that should not be hung up and stuffing them in a dresser drawer isn’t the answer either. By installing shelving inside your closet you are opening up new possibilities to keep it orderly.

You don’t have to stick with the traditional bar in the middle of the closet that is supposed to be one-size fits all. Plan the layout that makes the most sense to you. Maybe you would like to hang your pants at eye level and have all of your tops on shelving underneath or vice versa. Another use for shelves if for your shoes, install a shelf off the floor near the bottom and you can increase the floor space in your closet for more shoes or other storage bins. If you like the idea of having drawers in your closet but don’t have the means to install them a shelf with some basket or bins for sorting will work too.

Shelves are versatile; if you decide to reorganize you can put the shelves to another use. If they use to hold sweaters and it is now the middle of summer you can repurpose them for your summer hats, sandals, or shorts. If you choose, you can install the adjustable shelving that allows you to move the hanging brackets up or down a metal runner with holes.

Shelves come in different materials, you can choose from plastic shelving, metal (solid or wire), or wood. All are fine and as long as they are strong enough and smooth (to prevent any damage to clothing) you can go with the most eye-pleasing or cost effective shelving that can be found at the hardware store.


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