Theme Parties for Your New Patio

Theme Parties for Your New Patio

If it’s the beginning of summer you can have the most amazing theme party for your new patio. However, even if the pool is covered and the leaves are beginning to fall, you have another theme for yet another patio party.

Water-Themed Patio Party

What better way to have a patio party in the heat of the summer than to host a water-themed party?

* During the day, be a little daring – fill up some water balloons and act like a kid.
* Set up a water slide and be ten again.
* Have different types of flavored waters such as pineapple, lemon, and papaya.
* Get out the hose and have a blast.
* Turn the sprinklers on.
* Water guns big and gigantic are always a hit with folks of any age.
* Create miniature waterfalls all around the table setting and around the yard.
* Top it off with a refreshing watermelon with diced fruit inside.
* Fill your pool with floating candles to shift the party from day to evening.
* Arrange small glass containers of water with miniature flowers and surround these with candles to shine through and pick up the reflection of the water.

Happy 4th of July

What a great way to show off your new patio by inviting your friends and neighbors over for a backyard barbeque.

* Wrap your patio railings with streamers and red, white, and blue balloons.
* Buy inexpensive fabric and cover existing cushions and pillows with stars and stripes.
* Hang red, white, and blue curtains all around your new covered patio.
* Strew confetti all over the floor of your new patio or even red, white, and blue stars all across your patio tabletops.
* Place a large flag hanging against the back wall of your patio as the backdrop for your 4th of July theme.

Mardi Gras

* Use traditional colors such as purple and gold to decorate the pillows, cushions, and tabletops of your patio.
* Hang a giant mask with feather on the back wall of your patio as the backdrop for your party.
* Have everyone dress in mardi gras-themed clothing and make it a costume patio party.

These are just a few simple ways to celebrate a theme party, or really just to have an excuse for a patio party any time and for any reason. Themed parties can be based on the Christmas season by having a Christmas in July-themed patio party. You can have a fall celebration by doing it up big with corn stalks and bales of hay. The possibilities for themed patio parties are endless.

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